Sunny weather, lovely spareribs
Barbecue with friends and chicks
Drinking lots of beer
Dancing girls with bumping tits
Eating bratwursts and my dick
So glad about that I'm here
Further in the afternoon
Lots of fun by playing spoons
Hang around in the sun
In the pool we are cooling down
Metal music with good sound
Being good tempred having fun

Later in the evening
Had a few more cocksucking
Pick out a hot chick
Suddently behind the corner
A situiation full of horror
Terrifying me
Walking along the pavement
How shall I find my happy end
My mind is absolutely clear
Pictures from the very past
Rush through my brain to my arse
My mind is absolutely clear

You, you, piece of shit
You motherfucking piece of shit

You're a fucking piece of shit
I sweat all over, I feel so sick
My heart pumps fast, my head turns red
Your mom should have better born you dead
She pollutes the world with your existence
You have grown up to a pure nuisance
No one needs you, no one likes you
Life would be much easier without you
And now I smell your fucking fragrance
And now I meet you at this time
And now I feel like doggy vomit
Now hurry up I want to shit

I hate you
And I want to shit in your fucking damned mouth
And my mind is absolutely clear

You, you eat my shit

Open belt
My pants go down
The shit looks out
I hold your head between my legs
Rip open your mouth
You see my ass
The shit comes out
And touches so soft your little tongue

You scream in panic, no escape
Tight I hold your fucking head
I push your face close to my ass
And shit into your opened mouth

Eat my shit
Warm goes it
Out my ass
Right in you face and in your mouth
You spit it out
My stinky shit
You cough and sweat
I stuff my shit deep down your throat

Let you go and stand in front
Point my dick right at your face
Wet your nose, your eyes, your hair
Is dripping off my piss

Eat my shit
Warm goes it
Out my ass
Right through your head and through your throat
You swallow down
My squirmy shit
You cough and struggle
I stuff my shit deep down your throat

You, you eat my shit
And lick my slit

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